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About Us


Our mission of Ubuntu Research Academy is to provide a platform for dialogues regarding alternative and innovative ways of doing research as well as the teaching and learning opportunities that are available to researchers in writing their academic proposals, thesis, dissertations, projects, book chapters, articles etc. from the traditional face-to-face classroom environment to blended learning approach. In most cases, students find it difficult to understand and adjust themselves to the research environment as many of them are novice in the research field, and for that matter, not exposed largely to the research skills and strategies of writing their proposals, dissertations etc and part of mission is to expose them to the available opportunities of doing research with ease. Such alternative research opportunities exist largely in the current generation/4IR to assist students for easy completion of their research work due to the rapid development of technologies, including but not limited to course/learning management systems, open source software, social media, as well as various advanced multimedia technologies that offer synchronous and asynchronous, audio and visual, oral and written communications. The availability technology affordances has offer a wide range of flexibility and choices, to make research project easy to students/researchers/novice researchers as part of their academic work. To facilitate effective dialogues between experienced researchers and inexperienced researchers, we invite Honours, Masters and PhD students as well as anybody who is willing to learn more about research to join us in this research academy to explore different avenues in research, and further expand research learning opportunities beyond imagination. To make your research work very easy and interesting to you, we are available 24/7/365 from online to hybrid and to face-to-face, in order to obtain knowledge and communicate with our students anytime and anywhere in order to promote life-long learning to our students in research project.

Activities include:

  • Sharing among our group members the current research skills and strategies, practical models of doing research, resources/materials relevant research proposal for the continued improvement in quality and access flexible skills of doing life-long research.
  • Committing to teaching, guiding, supporting and supervision of students’ research work, to provide the most salient experiences for novice and other researchers pre-service teacher educators, particularly those representing marginalized populations, to ensure they are well prepared to enter research terin in the teaching profession.
  • Developing and maintaining an online presence to facilitate communication, publicize our mission to Ubuntu Research Academy membership, and provide a model of flexible training, guidance and support in research education